by August N. Alonzo

A simplified personal training guide based on natural law for self-healing & natural health

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CHICAGO, USA--- While the majority of people still rely on mainstream medical practitioners to solve their health problems, a growing number are turning to self-healing programs.

Chicago businessman, August Alonzo, formerly on the staff of American Wholehealth--during the period affiliated with Chicago's Grant Hospital--is one such person who has discovered the benefits of natural health over the past 30 years.

Far from being on the opposite side to orthodox medicine, Alonzo has actually presented seminars for healthcare professionals at Columbus Hospital, American Wholehealth and other medical facilities. His experiences have convinced him that it is possible for patients to heal themselves, whether it's a simple matter of health maintenance or a life-threatening illness.

In 1988, Alonzo decided he wanted to help others harness the healing powers that lie within, so he wrote, published and promoted a book on the subject. Since then, his business interests have grown to encompass his work as a financial intermediary, but his life's passion has remained in the realm of self-healing.

He has recently decided to re-release his book, TIME ALTERATIONS: An Option to Live, but this time, instead of being sold, Alonzo is going to give it away. "I have neither the time nor the desire to sell and promote the book, and so I will offer it free via the Internet through its own web site," he says. The book is available at:

"Although TIME ALTERATIONS is directed towards health matters," says Alonzo, "the concepts can also be applied to such diverse areas as weight loss, personal relationships, wealth, athletics, business and career."

He stresses that the concepts in TIME ALTERATIONS are not a substitute for a visit to the doctor, nor are they in any way harmful to your body or mind.

"Time Alterations concepts have proven extremely beneficial to me personally and professionally," confirms Dr. Mimi Lal, Chicago psychiatrist and clinical psychoneuroimmunologist.

To complement his book, Alonzo (also a well-known Jazz musician) has written an album of music that he recorded along with Jazz violinist and arranger, Johnny Frigo. Music therapy is now recognized as having a role to play in modern medicine and the American Cancer Society web site states, "There is some evidence that when used along with conventional treatment, music therapy can help to reduce pain and relieve chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. It may also relieve stress and provide an overall sense of well being. Some studies have found that music therapy can lower heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate."

This free MP3 music therapy album, TALT's Theme, is available at:

Alonzo says, "Listening to TALT's Theme in a comfortable place, with eyes closed and body relaxed, allows the music's vibrations to radiate throughout as the body absorbs its energizing, healing and therapeutic effects."

In the opening chapter of TIME ALTERATIONS, he writes, "The price of admission for this journey to health is your cherished beliefs regarding the nature of life and death." Many will find this is a cheap price to pay for the rewards of good health.

E-mail: Info@time-alterations.org

August Alonzo * August Alonzo began the study and practice of Psycho-Cybernetics (Dr. Maxwell Maltz) in 1967. In February of 1970, while living in New York, he commenced the practice of Transcendental Meditation and has attended several - in residence - meditation intensives under the direct guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. That same year he also began the study of Sufi Wisdom as expounded by Hazrat Inayat Khan, world renowned singer, musician, poet and sage.

* Mr. Alonzo has studied Esoteric Astrology, Tarot, Astral Projection and Kriya Yoga under Dr. Melvin Higgins (Chicago's Goswami Kriyananda). He has consulted with Dr. Chandrashekhar G. Thakkur, Ayurvedic (Science of Longevity) Physician, studied Hatha Yoga under Srinivasan at the Sivananda Yoga Center and Hermetic Science, Tantra Yoga, Herbal Alchemy and Astral Projection under Mr. Phillip Hurley, Master Hermetic, at the Lotus School of Chicago. He has studied the Seth works of author Jane Roberts for over 25 years. August also has extensive experience with Binaural Beat Brainwave Entrainment technology. He has also studied Yogi Nidra, Raja and Jhana Yoga and Pyramidology, done Bio-Feedback Research, attended numerous Meditation and Psychiatric conferences, and conducted many in-depth private studies into the expansion of consciousness.

* Mr. Alonzo is the author of "Time Alterations: An Option to Live", an acclaimed book on health and self-healing, and has lectured and presented seminars.

* As a professional singer/composer, Mr. Alonzo has worked from coast to coast and was active as a performer in the Chicago area Jazz community. Mr. Alonzo wrote and produced the theatrical musical "First Grade Babees". He was also a principal, along with jazz violinist Johnny Frigo, in creating their record album, "TALT's Theme", a music therapy album - composed and written by Mr. Alonzo - with healing qualities. Free MP3 at: www.cine-tec.com/taqua-records/

* Mr. Alonzo was also a licensed Investment Advisor, specializing in major motion picture production.

* Mr. Alonzo was a Mind-Body Counsellor in practice at the American Wholehealth Center, an affiliate of Chicago's Grant Hospital. His patient consultations included Creative Visualization Therapy, Music Therapy, and Treatment & Recovery Cycle Analysis.

* Mr. Alonzo also developed and offered globally via the World Wide Web, Life Death Matters (LDM), a self-healing correspondence program for patients facing a life-threatening illness.

* Lastly, Mr. Alonzo formed Pyr Group -- Personal Energy Products -- Company: Cutting edge technology utilizing state-of-the-art pyramid forms and gem stones for personal energy, health, well-being, and efficiency.

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